What you get with our community!

With the TIU Community you get exclusive members only access to fitness, diets, recipes and more. You also get to take advantage of the encouragement you get from the community members. We are all a big family and we invite you to join. A basic membership is free! We also have an exclusive members only group for those that have purchased our diet plan.

Advantages to joining

- Manage your own fitness profile
- Track your progress
- Connect with other members
- Join & create groups specific to you
- Join & follow unique pages
- Manage your own daily exercise blog
- Manage your own daily food blog
- Send and receive motivation from the girls and other members.

Exciting new updates!

- Live chat with members
- Share your photo albums
- New and improved structure
- Share videos
- Sync with your Facebook & Twitter
- New and Improved Groups
- Upgraded security
- Instant updates with new wall!